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ssociety_ooc's Journal

Soul Society OOC
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Where SS muns unite
Soul Society OOC is where muns from Soul Society are given the freedom to converse freely to the members of the group. Here, mun talk and any form of mun randomness and crack may be posted, provided that all rules and moral conduct (I am from a catholic school, sue me :|) is observed.
• All CLAIMS, NOTIFICATIONS (hiatuses, drops, SN/LJ changes, and of the sort), and UNRELATED MATERIALS are to be made in this community.
• All Muses and Muns are expected to observe proper conduct and behavior.
* n0 tYping LyK D¡$ Plz.
* No Bashing and no Bad mouthing. We will allow you to curse, but please know your limits.
* No GOD MODING: when your muse can do anything and everything, mimicking God. The use of powers will make this rule STRICTLY IMPLEMENTED.
* Conversations are to be done in ENGLISH
•To certify whether you have read the Rules thoroughly, please include the word LOVEYDUDES anywhere within your comments.
• Before making a claim, always check the CLAIM LIST
• All holds are to be posted as comments at the CLAIM LIST
• All holds will be held for a maximum of 2 WEEKS.
• All claims are to be tagged CLAIM
•In claiming, kindly tag your claim under 'claim' and use the following code:


1tym, ahyoomee, as one, baby v.o.x., baby vox re.v, bada, bae seul gi, baek ji young, battle, bi, big bang, big mama, black beat, boa, brian, brown eyed girls, brown eyes, browneyed soul, bulldog mansion, byul, cha tae hyun, chae yeon, clon, cool, dana, deux, diva, dj doc, dong bang shin ki, drunken tiger, dynamic duo, enjel, epik high, eru, f.t. island, fin.k.l, fly to the sky, g.o.d, girl friends, girls generation, gummy, h.o.t., haha, harisu, hong kyung min, humming urban stereo, hyun young, i-13, insooni, isak n jiyeon, ivy, jaurim, jenny, jeon hye bin, jessica h.o., jinju, jinusean, jo sungmo, jtl, jun jin, k'pop, kan mi youn, kang ta, kara, kcm, kim dong ryul, kim dong wan, kim jong kook, kim kyung ho, kim tae woo, kiss, koyote, lee dong gun, lee hyori, lee jae won, lee jung, lee jung hyun, lee min woo, lee seung gi, lee soo young, lee sora, leessang, lena park, long pretty girls, loveholic, lyn, m.i.l.k, maya, maybee, mc mong, mc the max, mina, moon hee jun, n.ex.t, nell, nrg, park hyo shin, park ji yoon, park jin young, park jung ah, r.ef, rain, role play, roller coaster, s#arp, s.e.s, se7en, sechs kies, see ya, seo in young, seo ji young, seo taiji, sg wannabe, shim eun jin, shin hae chul, shin hye sung, shinhwa, shoo, shyne, so chan whee, so nyeo shi dae, solbi, sonya, soulstar, ss501, sugar, super junior, super junior m, super junior t, t.t.ma, tae bin, tei, tenjo chiki, the jadu, the trax, tim, tohoshinki, tony an, tszx, tvxq, uptown, vanness wu, vibe, wax, wheesung, wonder girls, xing, yeon woo, younha, zhang li yi