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07 November 2008 @ 10:07 pm
Junsu, Ryeowook and Kumi are all on hiatus for a week, since Kerry has to go for a school trip to London with virtually no internet. :)

Love you all though, and I'll see you when I get back.

Don't miss me too much!
24 October 2008 @ 11:54 am

Mun Information:
Your Name: Jade
Your LJ: bluejade14
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: bluejadeshades

Muse Information:
Muse's Name: Lee Jun Ki
Muse's Band: Solo Actor
Muse's LJ: princejunki 
Muse's SN: junkipom
Muse's Side: Evil.
Muse's Power: Acupuncture, Mirror Movement
Muse's Limit:
Acupuncture: When his needles hit the right spot on the opponents body, it is precise and deadly, causing death or varying effects; Though, because battles are usually quick moving, his fatal hit rate is rather low and they more effectively serve as projectiles.

Mirror Movement: While able to mirror his opponents abilities, this serves as a counterstrike rather than the offensive (more like reflexive abilty), so it does no real damage other than blocking himself from the opponent's attack. Also, Mirror Movement do not see past the an opponent's mind strategy.

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Comments: Junki is such a lovelydude.
23 October 2008 @ 07:39 pm
Mun Information:
Your Name: Kerry
Your LJ: silhouettedwing
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: forthcomings

Muse Information:
Muse's Name: Koda Kumi
Muse's Band: Solo Artiste
Muse's LJ: x_lastangel
Muse's SN: kuublackcherry
Muse's Side: Evil. [yeah, SO predictable.]
Muse's Power: Shapeshifting
Muse's Limit: Kumi's shapeshifting ability is limited by the fact that she can only change into the exact image of someone she has come into contact with. She cannot shapeshift into someone who she has never had skin contact with. If she can get a clear enough image and can memorise the features of the person she can shapeshift into them, but it would be inaccurate. She can however, copy certain features like eye shape and hair.
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Comments: Technically, lovelydudes is wrong because Kuu's a girl. > >;;
Okay, so I extended the limit to another 6 days (OKAY FINE, I forgot again...). But as I've said, the 002 thread will serve as this month's activity check, and as activity has been checked, the following muses are hereby expelled from this wonderful world of the weird and wacky (or dramatic in some cases).


I also took into consideration the muses under the same mun. In the case where one muse replies, and the other doesn't, I let that pass for now. So let these be a warning, and reply, alrighty?

If any of the cut muses wish to reclaim, you can contact me on xtaintedmemory@AIM

14 October 2008 @ 08:27 pm
Mun Information:
Your Name: Louisa
Your LJ: angelicbuttons
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: xoxodelphinidae

Muse Information:
Muse's Name: Zhou Mi
Muse's Band: Super Junior Mandarin
Muse's LJ: cerebrami
Muse's SN: Milieu Mi
Muse's Side: Evil
Muse's Power: Magnetism Manipulation,  Psychometry
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8D Zhou Mi is a lovely dude, I insist
12 October 2008 @ 02:20 pm
As much as I want to stay and play with y'all, I can't. I'm dropping Hyukjae. My school workload is going insane and I can't handle rp-ing anymore. I hope someone far more deserving than me adopts Hyuk. So I guess is goodbye, have fun everyone :D

10 October 2008 @ 11:08 pm
A friendly reminder from your friendly mod. :D

We've given everyone a good few months of free posting, liberty and irregularity, so I see it fit that we all put things in order once again, okay?

So the mod RPs are the foremost means of checking a muse's activity. The way things have been going, no one stays. So please do take the time to reply to the threads. It keeps the plot going. ♥

Cut lists start this month on the 15th (Yes, this is a warning).

14 September 2008 @ 12:44 am
Mun Information:
Your Name: Louisa
Your LJ: angelicbuttons 
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: nada~

Muse Information:
Muse's Name: Henry Lau
Muse's Band: SJM
Muse's LJ: nuclearlau 
Muse's SN: nuclearlau
Muse's Side: Undecided
Muse's Power: Radiation Manipulation, Absorption
Muse's Limit: Henry relies a lot on absorbing energy from nature to supplement the minimal usage of his energy to summon his attacks or defences. However, if he takes too much from nature – when plants began wilting etc. – it would cut off its link with Henry for an indefinite time period. In addition, prolonged manipulation of radiation would to random second-long blackouts.
History of Power:
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Henry is a sleepy dude~
08 September 2008 @ 02:12 pm
Mun Information:
Your Name: Shinn
Your LJ: inheritable
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: --

Muse Information:
Muse's Name: Choi Siwon
Muse's Band: Super junior (Super Junior M)
Muse's LJ: ailelumineux
Muse's SN: Shiwon Choi
Muse's Side: Good/Virtue
Muse's Power: Photokinesis, Wings and Healing.
Muse's Limit: Siwon needs a source of EM radiation with a specific wavelength (light) to be able to store in the energy necessary to manipulate photons. His main source would be sunlight, which is why his energy is almost limitless during the day. At night, artificial lighting and moonlight are what he uses, but those aren't nearly as potent. He can produce simple effects like glowing without much effort, but he requires much more concentration and effort for more complicated manipulation. If he fails to have enough concentration, he might produce an effect different from the desired one which can be potentially dangerous. The sole exception to this energy restriction are his wings which he can call forth at will without much problem. He isn't quite sure how they work, but extensive use is taxing to his body. When he uses his healing power, his hands glow in a light-blue tone. So far, he has only used this power to soothe pains and heal cuts and scratches.

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Comments: Here, have moar loveydudes.
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07 September 2008 @ 01:10 pm
Mun Information:
Your Name: ViiGo
Your LJ:suki_megane
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: --

Muse Information:
Muse's Name: Han Geng (Hankyung)
Muse's Band: Super Junior (M)
Muse's LJ:lailai_chinaman
Muse's SN: Hangeng SexyBack
Muse's Side: Undecided
Muse's Power: time and gravity manipulation, muscle memory
Muse's Limit: Han Geng's time manipulation is more used to pause and slow down time for a certain period and range. Those variables change depeding on his will power, but working with a wider field as well as a longer duration can strain him greatly.
The use of gravity manipulation go hand in hand with his control of time, seeing how he is able to shift his and/or others' gravity in order to have abilities like climb walls or jump very high distances. But Han Geng can't manipulate a person's gravity to the point that they're as light as a feather or so heavy that they are not able to move.
With the use of his muscle memory, he can physically copy what he sees others doing, and execute it in the same manner. One of his greater uses of this shown are his dances. Take note that he can only copy what he sees.
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Comments: Han Geng is a Ninja of the Night~! lovelydudes?